Pick and transfer load of any angle

Handling loads which are eccentric is challenging, at times it puts lot of pressure on trolleys leading to off balance of the load which results in difficulty of movement and strain for the operator.

Speedy, Smooth and Safe movement of material with Finrae

A product of in-depth understanding of the science of materials and their movement, Finrae, offers e finest performance with unique and innovative features. With it highly advanced aluminum rail system, and specially designed trolleys you get the freedom to move any kind of loads.

Aluminum Rail Profiles

Finrae’s highly advanced and modular crane profiles serve as backbone of all the material transfer tasks. Designed for ergonomic and easy operation, Finrae rails can take loads upto 2.4 Mt with different combinations..

Alignment Pins

One of Finrae’s most unique features is innovative Alignment Pins. These Crane profiles come with built-in slots for Alignment Pin, which keeps two Crane profiles in perfect sync. The Alignment Pins ensure precise and perfect alignment of the crane profiles and provides smooth movement of the trolley.


Finrae make Trolleys come with load carrying capacity of up to 1200 kg. Designed for jam free, silent movement even in case of eccentric loads, Trolleys are designed to transfer the load effortlessly from one place to the other. Finrae offers trolley for three load capacities of 300, 600 and 1200 kg.

Do you want to know more about our rail systems, Request a detailed catalog or write to our Indian partner sales@finrae-rails.com

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