Product Selection

Finrae aluminium crane profiles are a fully modular and lightweight overhead crane systems. The Crane profiles are made up of aluminium and are suitable for manual or power-driven handling of components / goods using a variety of pick and place devices. The Crane Profiles can be floor mounted (with appropriate support structure).
The combination of profiles and accessories must be selected after calculation of forces acting on the system when in operation. The calculations must be preformed by a qualified professional and validated and tested before use.


The Finrae crane profile systems must be used with authentic components and parts approved or supplied by authorised Finrae representatives. Any component from other sources may involve risks to safety or hamper seamless operation of the profiles and supporting accessories. When installing the cranes, the system design and safety precautions must be documented. The installations are to be carried out only by authorised professionals.


The Finrae rail systems are designed and manufactured to meet the global safety, quality and manufacturing norms. Finrae profiles are also approved by some of the world’s leading and most reputed industries.

Preventive maintenance

The overhead crane system is designed using modular components and requires minimal maintenance. As a general rule, the tightening torques of the screw joints must be checked regularly, following the state of the safety equipment and wear parts. The intervals for preventive maintenance depend on the actual usage of the system, but should be performed at least annually.