5 signs that your rail system requires your attention

Rail system or over crane systems are critical elements for movement of material within the shop floor. Manufacturers invest substantial time, money and resources to get it right. With consistent use, over the time, your rail/crane system tends to wear down the equipment. Also, modernization, capacity increase, structural changes make it necessary to change or retrofit your existing equipment.

Continual working on equipment that is not at its best of the health will increase the risks of accidents, drive up the maintenance costs, reduce efficiency and in the end spike up overall cost of production.

In this blog we discuss 5 points when your over head rail system hints you to take a look.

Repeated Repairs

Older, overused or used for weights more then what it was designed for ask for repeated maintenance, over and again breakdowns and at times make you incur heavy expense for replacement of trolleys or accessories. Understand this as a warning and get in touch with the experts.

Difficulty in movement

Over a period of long years or as usage increases some times it may happen that the rail system might face slight misalignment with crane profiles or trolley, causing difficulty in movement. This could lead to operator fatigue or productivity losses. If your operator complains of such difficulty it is time for course correction.

Preventive approach in maintenance is very important upkeep your rail systems, it not only helps to reduce or eliminate downtime but also increases overall life of the equipment.

Increase in loads

If the rails are routinely lifting more than 80% of its capacity, and if the rail systems are critical to the functioning of the facility of your facility functioning, it’s advisable to check the health of the rails and consider an upgrade by increasing the capacity of the rails.

Process changes

If the rails lift different, heavier, or higher volumes of materials than those for which they were originally designed, urgent changes may be required! Consider redesign or upgrade as the lifting equipment may require faster speeds or more precise controls as the facility scales up.

Absolute Technology

As technology is improving so is the quality of crane profiles, trolleys and other accessories. Technology upgrades must be considered from time to time depending on the improved productivity and handling goals, Operator safety norms, changes in internal processes or any other external factor that may hamper the performance.

Finrae offers the latest and advanced Aluminum rail system. Our team of experts can evaluate your existing set up provide consultation for any of the issues discussed above. Get in touch with us at sales@finrae-rails.com for further details.

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